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+ Exhibition resources

Ingenium accessibility standards for exhibitions
 Ingenium museums have produced this resource on exhibition design

A guide to Changing Places (accessible toilets and changing facilities)

EMBED guide to accessible design in a post Covid-19 world

+ Outreach and Festivals

Pint of Science - Guide to finding accessible external event locations

Pint of Science - Venue selection checklist

+ External resources

Acronyms in common use (provided by the Lightyear Foundation)

Guide to appropriate language  (provided by the Lightyear Foundation)

Etiquette  (provided by the Lightyear Foundation)

Social model of disability
 (provided by the Lightyear Foundation)

The barriers to recruitment and retention of disabled people in STEM
 (provided by the Lightyear Foundation)

Makaton (provided by the Lightyear Foundation

The Lightyear Foundation 

The Lightyear Foundation breaks down barriers to get more disabled children and young people into STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering -Maths) through: 

Active learning 'Sensory Science' workshops
Role model programme, highlighting disabled scientists
Work Inspiration Trips
SEN in STEM - creative round tables to share best practice across the sector        

​If you would like to see how you could engage with Lightyear Foundation to use their expertise to improve your accessibility. or if you would like to engage with their excellent SEN in STEM working group use the links below.

​​  for the Lightyear Foundation website  

Impact report to read the Lightyear Foundation impact report for general information to join the SEN in STEM network contact

SEN in STEM to join the LinkedIn page